What’s on


Big Prayer Meeting (BPM)

Mondays – 8am – Activities room, Building 42 (Us.)

We believe in a God who hears and answers prayer, and who chooses to use us to share the good news and love of Jesus Christ. So it’s crucial that everything we do in SUCU is based in prayer – communicating with our Father in heaven.
Join us as we worship and pray together to start the week in the best way possible.


International Café (iCafé)

Mondays – 8-10pm – Us. Café, Building 42 (Us.)

If you’re an international student, iCafé is a great opportunity to make new friends, both international and British. It’s a place where you can practice your English, have fun and discover what it means to know Jesus. There are also free drinks and cakes provided! If you are part of the CU please come along too; if you love Jesus, love chatting to people and love playing games then you will love helping at iCafé!

Each week there is a different theme. In the past we’ve had Karaoke Night, Pancake Night and Games on the Common, Hat-Making, Christmas meals and Easter Egg hunts!
And don’t worry about getting home – every night, including Mondays, Us. run a safety bus from 8pm onwards, which will take you to your front door (anywhere in Southampton) for only £1.50. Pick it up on the Us. concourse.
For more information, please take look at the Facebook group or email the International Team!



Friends international

An organisation dedicated to linking international students from every country with local people and providing regular events and activities. Friends International is a Christian organisation, but works for students of any faith or none.




Hall Groups

Tuesdays – 7.30pm – various locations (see below)

If you’re a fresher, or you’re living in halls, Hall Groups are for you! Whether you’d say you’re a Christian, or just curious, you’re welcome. Hall groups are a space to pray, worship, and discuss the Bible with your fellow hallmates in order to equip you to share the amazing news of Jesus. Host outreach events in your halls too – be as creative as you like!

If you’re a fresher living in a house, we’d recommend joining the hall group closest to you. The majority of private rented first years go to ALP (Archers Road/Liberty Point/Private Rented). If you’re not sure which halls are closest to you email Hall Group Team and they’ll help you out.

At SUCU we encourage first years to be involved in hall groups. Second years onwards we’d encourage to be involved in church small groups. If you’re not able to part of a hall group or a church small group we’d suggest you check out SotonNavs.

SotonNavs is part of The Navigators UK and has been working amongst students in Southampton since 1968.  If you are a student in Southampton and would like to join one of the NAVS Bible study groups, do join them at 53 Harefield Road on a Thursday evening. They begin with a meal together at 18.30 followed by Bible study groups and prayer groups. For more information, find them on Facebook visit www.sotonnavs.org or email Steve and Debs (steveanddebs@sotonnavs.org).


If you have any questions about Hall Groups then email the relevant people below, find the Facebook page or contact the Hall Group Team at hallgroup@sucu.org.uk

Hall Group Details

ALP (Archer's Road, Liberty Point, Private Rented)

Seve Lawani Rehana Nurmahi Sophie Onn

Meets 7.30pm Tuesdays @ Romero Common Room

Join the facebook group here: SUCU ALP Hall Group 2016/17 (Archer’s Road, Liberty Point, Private Rented)

Or email: alp@sucu.org.uk for more info



Jordan Whalen Abi Rillie

Meets 7.30pm Tuesday @ South Hill Common Room

Join the facebook group here: SUCU Chamberlain Hall Group 2016/17

Or email: chamberlain@sucu.org.uk for more info


Charlie Riden Yasmin Bier-Allen

Meets 7.30pm Tuesday @ Connaught SCR

Join the facebook group here: SUCU Connaught Hall Group 2016/17

Or email: connaught@sucu.org.uk for more info

City Gateway

Tim Gomm Susannah Welch


Join the facebook group here: SUCU City Gateway Hall Group 2016/17

Or email: gateway@sucu.org.uk for more info

Glen Eyre

Joel Dracott Esther Gill Kara Jackman

Meet 7.30pm Tuesday in the Round Room next to Glen Reception

Join the facebook group here: SUCU Glen Eyre Hall Group 2016/17

Or email: gleneyre@sucu.org.uk for more info

Highfield Halls

Simeon Carter Emily Dee

Meets 7.30pm Tuesdays @ Highfield JCR

Join the facebook group here: SUCU Highfield Hall Group 2016/17

Or email: highfield@sucu.org.uk for more info


Tim Sennanyake Bethan Edge


Meets 7.30pm Tuesdays @ Entrance to Mayflower Halls

Join the facebook group here: SUCU Mayflower Hall Group 2016/17

Or email: mayflower@sucu.org.uk for more info


Richard Brewer Caroline Taylor


Meets 7.30pm Tuesdays @ Monte Reception

Join the facebook group here: SUCU Montefiore Hall Group 2016/17

Or email: monte@sucu.org.uk for more info



Text a Toastie

Wednesdays – 9-11pm – 07754355421

Big questions – we’ve all got them and uni’s a great place to ask them. We run Text a Toastie to help answer your questions about God, Christianity or the meaning of life. Along with a free toastie delivered straight to you… yep you heard right!

Please text us with the question you would like answered, your location and the flavour of toastie you would like. Choose any two fillings from cheese, tomato, ham and pineapple (plus a few special extras sometimes!). We’ll arrive ASAP with all of these things, completely FREE!

If you’re part of SUCU we’re are always looking for more team, whether to discuss answers to the questions, cycle/walk to houses with toasties in hand, walk around halls or to simply just pray for the night. Please check out the Facebook group for more information.

Keep telling your friends about this event. Get them to join the TEXT A TOASTIE Facebook Page with regular updates!




Thursdays – 7:30pm – 28 / 1019

A new course to find out more about who Jesus is.
Email followup@sucu.org.uk to find out more.




Fridays – 7.30pm – Lecture theatre 1, Building 32 (EEE) or Avenue campus (during exam season)

Our main meeting: we come together to unite around the truth of the good news about Jesus. This is where we’re equipped and encouraged in our mission to campus. Prayer, worship, and hearing God’s word – the Bible – explained by a speaker, all play a part in this. We also have a short time of prayer beforehand (7ish) in the same place – join us for that if you like.

Everyone’s welcome, whether you say you follow Jesus or not,  so please feel free to come; if you’re new you’ll see people in blue t-shirts at the entrance to EEE who’ll point you in the right direction.

In case you can’t make it, or you just want to listen again, the talks are recorded each week and the mp3 can be downloaded from the Media page.