Welcome to Southampton University Christian Union

Welcome to Southampton University Christian Union

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University of Southampton Freshers 2016

Here at the Christian Union we want to know “What Defines You?” - whether it’s sport or music, drama or food, friends or something you’re yet to discover at University, we have lots going on over Freshers’ Week for you. From free BBQs and Brunches, to Acoustic Nights and Games on the Common we want to help you settle into university life, while not being afraid to ask the big questions. So come along to one of our events, meet some of the CU, have fun and make the most of this time to question what defines you, challenge your beliefs and see what you think about Jesus’ offer of a Fresh Start.

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Imagine someone has just discovered the cure for a deadly disease you have, tells you about it, and offers it absolutely free of charge. You try it, and it works!
What's your reaction? Surely to tell as many people as you can about it, and offer it to them too...
As a society, we believe in something even better - a God who has dealt with our rejection of Him, through the death and resurrection of his son Jesus Christ. We can be forgiven, restored to relationship with Him, and look forward to eternal life.
This is the best news possible, and we exist to give every student at Southampton University the chance to hear and respond to it.
So if you're a Christian, welcome! Come and help share this amazing news!
If you're not sure about all this, welcome! Come and investigate!
If you want to get stuck in, or find out more about what we believe, take a look round the website, or get in touch: president@sucu.org.uk or info@sucu.org.uk
SUCU (Southampton Uni Christian Union)

Jeremy Foster
SUCU President 2016/17

You may have noticed our new logo plastered over our new website. After the best part of a decade with the old look, we felt it was time to refresh! Of course, we've kept the well-known "CU blue", but opted for a lightbulb focused design.

As SUCU, we're called to give everyone at Southampton University the opportunity to hear and respond to the good news and love of Jesus. In His words (Matthew 5:14-15), Jesus describes His followers as "the light of the world". Our actions and words are meant to witness to the wonderful truth that we have found in knowing God personally through Jesus' life, death and resurrection.

We're meant to shine out for everyone around us to see...

Jeremy FosterSUCU President 2016/17