University of Southampton Christian Union
United by Christ’s LOVE // Grounded in the BIBLE // Excited about sharing the GOSPEL So that ALL may hear and respond to the Good News and Love of Jesus Christ.


Welcome to Southampton University Christian Union (SUCU)

We would love to welcome you to our society whether you are a Christian or just curious about the Christian faith. We exist as a society to tell people about Jesus, and about the Christian faith. So, if you’re a Christian and want to get stuck in, then come along – we’d love to meet you. If you’re not then then we would love to get to know you, whatever your background, whatever your beliefs.

We believe that the best news we can give to University of Southampton students is the news of Jesus. We exist to give them the chance to hear and respond to that news. Ultimately God saves people, but He, out of His great goodness, allows us to be a part of that. We have wonderful news! We have the news that Jesus Christ out his great mercy, died for us, sinners, so that we can be forgiven. We are full of joy that he would do such a thing! If you do not know that joy (or just think that sounds weird) then come ask us – we’d love to tell you why we believe Jesus was the most remarkable person in history.

Whoever you might be, if you want to get stuck in, or just find out more, then get in touch using the details below:


Facebook: SUCU

Pete Last

President of SUCU 2018/19