What's on?

We at Southampton University Christian Union want to give students the chance to explore what is relevant to them. We are putting on events at lunchtime and in the evening, exploring how God might be relevant to our lives today. At lunchtime we'll be looking at common questions you might have about Christianity, with a chance to ask your own questions afterwards. In the evening there's the chance to listen to stories from everyone from former gang leaders to film producers explain how faith has been relevant to their lives. So whether you're interested or just curious to find out more, come along and see us, we'd love to chat to you. If you want to see what it's like, have a look at this video from last year.


Building 42 (Union Building) Bar 2 // 12 - 1pm or 1 - 2pm
With free lunch!

Monday 12th War, illness and injustice: What kind of a God allows suffering?
Tuesday 13th An unnecessary hypothesis: Has science made God redundant?
Wednesday 14th Exclusive, intolerant and petty: Why would anyone believe in the Christian God?
Thursday 15th Rules, regulations and restrictions: What has God got to do with freedom?
Friday 16th Reincarnation, eternal life or nothing: Why should I care what happens when I die?


Highfield Church (Map) // 7:30pm
With free puddings every evening!

Monday 12th The Gang Leader: Relevant for our Story Followed by free puddings
Tuesday 13th The Scientist: Relevant for our Freedom Followed by free puddings
Wednesday 14th The Film Producer: Relevant for our Joy Followed by a free meal and free puddings
Thursday 15th The Endurer: Relevant for our Love Followed by free puddings
Friday 16th The Student: Relevant for our Meaning Followed by free puddings

What's next?


A weekly group will be meeting for 6 weeks after the events to answer questions and discuss your opinions on whether what Christianity has to say is relevant in today's society. We will be looking at themes such as satisfaction, identity, and freedom. It would be great to see you there!

Thursdays // 7:30pm // Venue To Be Confirmed

Email followup@sucu.org.uk for more details.

Catch up

If you missed out on one of the events, come to this page afterwards and there will be links to the recordings for each of the talks below.