If you’ve just come from the “Leadership” page, skip to the next paragraph. It’s that time of year again, when our committee are coming to the end of their elected service period. It’s therefore the responsibility of the members of SUCU to nominate a bunch of fresh new faces to take the reigns. If you’re a member of SUCU and know someone who you think has the gift of leadership and you feel God is calling to a position on committee, read on.

In order to nominate someone for a role on SUCU’s committee, please first read the role descriptions so that you have a clear idea of what their responsibilities will be and whether they’d be suited to them. Second, please be prayerful with all nominations you make, it is a great responsibility for those who are eventually chosen and we want to ensure that God has the first and final say. Finally, if you’re a registered member of Southampton University’s Christian Union (according to the Students’ Union), please proceed to use the form on the right to nominate the individuals for the roles you feel God is calling them to.

If you’re a student but not yet an officially registered member of SUCU, you can join the SUSU records here. Once you get there, just login using your university credentials and press the green “Join Now” button. This is the list which counts when it comes to voting in AGMs and other official stuff to do with SUSU and it needs to be done before proceeding to nominate people.