SUCU is coordinated by our committee, aided by our UCCF workers. They’re here to help all of SUCU give everyone at Southampton University the opportunity to hear and respond to the good news and love of Jesus Christ. If you’ve got questions, want advice or have ideas for things SUCU could be doing, please get in touch.

Fife Mustafa

President: Fife Mustafa


Studies: Accounting and Economics

Fun Fact: I have never watched Harry Potter

Maria Reaney

Vice-President: Maria Reaney


Studies: Geography

Fun Fact: I turned up an hour and a half early to my first ever Unite by accident

Hannah Tilford

Secretary: Hannah Tilford


Studies: Medicine

Fun Fact: If you say my name backwards I’ll probably still respond 🙂

Rhys Bartlett

Treasurer: Rhys Bartlett


Studies: Mathematics

Fun Fact: I have never used a toaster and I used to have a ginger afro

Olivia Podd

Freshers’ Week Coordinator:
Olivia Podd


Studies: Politics

Fun Fact: I have grade 8 recorder

Johana Felicia

Events Week Coordinator:
Johana Felicia


Studies: Education

Fun Fact: I can sleep while standing

Simon Walton

Internationals Coordinator:
Simon Walton


Studies: International Relations

Fun Fact: I can sing the ukranian national anthem (ask me to sing it if you want)

Owen Griffiths

Hall Groups Coordinator: Owen Griffiths


Studies: Politics and International Relations (ask me about Brexit if you want but I have no more idea than you probably do)

Fun Fact: I’ve lived in 7 houses

Daisy Christian-Edwards

Follow-up Coordinator:
Daisy Christian Edwards


Studies: Medicine

Fun Fact: I make really good flapjack, if you want to try them just ask

Esther Zekeri

Prayer and Praise Coordinator: Esther Zekeri


Studies: Psychology

Fun Fact: l support the controversial act of mixing ketchup and mayo together

Chris Collinson

UCCF Staff Worker: Chris Collinson


Studied: Theatre & Performance

Works with: Southampton, and Southampton Solent Universities

Rehana Nurmahi

UCCF Relay Worker: Rehana Nurmahi

Studied: Film & English

Hometown: Southampton

The committee also have the backing and guidance of our Honorary Vice-Presidents. As various local church leaders, they provide a uniquely experienced perspective to how SUCU is running.

If you really want to see all the nitty gritty about how SUCU works, have a leisurely read of our current constitution.

Here’s some links to other useful pages, and organisations we’re associated with or endorse: