Can science explain everything?

Thursday 31st January 7:30pm - Turner Sims

A chaired discussion between John Lennox and Peter Atkins. There John and Peter shall discuss the title question, followed by an opportunity for you to ask questions.

John Lennox is Emeritus Fellow in Pure Mathematics and Philosophy of Science at Green Templeton College and Emeritus Professor of Pure Mathematics in the University of Oxford. In addition to over 70 mathematical research publications he has lectured in many countries and written a number of books on the interface of science, philosophy and theology from his Christian perspective. He holds that the universe itself and the human rational capacity to study it are two of the great gifts of an intelligent Creator.
Peter Atkins is a fellow of Lincoln College, University of Oxford, and was professor of physical chemistry until his retirement in 2007. He is the author of over 70 books, including textbooks and books on science for the general public. He is a patron of Humanists UK and an Honorary Associate of the National Secular Society. In his books, lectures, and debates he propagates the view that science is the only route to full understanding of the origin and workings of the universe, and argues against the contamination of that understanding by the superstitions characteristic of religion.

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Mafia to Minister

Monday 4th February 7:30pm - 67/1037 (Nightingale)

One man's transformation story of how the good news of Jesus changed him from a live of crime to a Christian minister.

Slavko Hadzic is a former mafia member who now leads a church in Sarajevo. He talks about how his life has led him to rely on God’s faithfulness.

International Talks

Speaker - Peter Teagle

Peter Teagle is Oxford centre leader and national events speaker for the charity, Friends International, giving talks about Christianity to international student groups around the UK. Being married into a Singaporean-Chinese family for 25 years and having trained for Christian ministry in Singapore, Peter and his wife, Lynette, have dedicated their lives to understanding other cultures, and communicating how Jesus Christ the Christian faith is directly relevant to all cultures. They have three children aged 22, 20 and 16.

Laughter: Comedy or tragedy - what is life?

Monday 11th February 7:45pm - Highfield Church

James Cary is a writer of situation comedy for BBC TV (eg. Miranda, Bluestone 42) and Radio (Think the Unthinkable, Hut 33. He is a Christian and has a theology degree from Durham. James is especially interested in the interaction between church, faith, culture and politics.

Ambition: Riches to redemption: What do we strive for?

Tuesday 12th February 7:45pm - Highfield Church

Manoj Raithatha, has been a teacher, a Bafta award-winning TV writer and a successful property entrepreneur. Raised a Hindu, he has been a Christian since 2008, and today continues to run his business.

Decisions: When you can’t just sit on the fence.

Thursday 14th February 7:45pm - Highfield Church

Dave Merington has been a professional football player, and coach managing Southampton in 1995-96 and also is now a commentator for BBC radio Solent. His decision to follow Christ was the best decision he ever made.

Understanding: Science and faith, how much do we need to know?

Friday 15th February 7:45pm - Highfield Church

Prof Chris Done has a PhD in Astrophysics (Cambridge) and an interest in anything with a decent gravitational field. Her journey to faith was through logically and a scientist sifting of evidence she came to the conclusion that she could not deny the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus, and that has consequences.