Freshers’ Week

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What a great Freshers’ week we’ve had, meeting so many new students and welcoming them to Southampton! A variety of events took place throughout the week where we showed God’s love through our actions, as well as telling people about the amazing sacrifice God made for us by sending his son Jesus to die on a cross so our sins could be forgiven! If you’re a fresher it’s so great to have you with us, and if you’re a returning student then thank you for all your help during freshers’ week – it wouldn’t have been possible without you!

The week kicked off with moving the Freshers’ into their new halls. Numerous CU members were across the city, carrying bedding, kitchen supplies, books and I’m pretty sure some had packed their entire houses! We were a real help to the halls staff and freshers were very grateful for the help they received on the day. Washing up liquid bottles covered with CU flyers were also handed out so people could find out about the week’s events – as well as helping with the washing up!

Despite the rain and drizzle, the BBQs on Monday were still a huge success and we managed to give a free burger to approximately 600 students! So many great conversations were had that day and many people got to meet us and hear about why we as a society exist, giving us the chance to share our faith!

Tuesday saw hall groups hosting a social with, of course, lots of food on offer!

Wednesday was the bunfight, where nearly 90 Freshers signed up to find out more and so many others could see we are an active society on campus with a great message to share!

On Thursday we ran games on the common to give Freshers the opportunity to meet more people and get to know some CU members. While not many freshers came, it turned out to be a great afternoon with many CU members able to catch up and get to know the freshers over a (competitive) game of rounders! We also hosted an Acoustic Night in the SUSU Café where three people gave amazing testimonies about how God had helped them reach where they are now. Despite a few room issues to begin with, the evening was an absolute success and over 150 attended to hear about the amazing work God does in people’s lives!

On Friday we enjoyed pizza before heading to Unite where we nearly filled EEE! We then adjourned to Scoops and the pub to buy a fresher a pint giving them the chance to get to know some more older students while enjoying (yet more) free food!

The Mark Drama was performed on Monday evening with many friends coming along to support and lots of international students hearing about the life of Jesus for the first time!

Our final freshers’ event was a Quiz Night hosted in Bar 2, where people answered the quiz questions, while also hearing where they can find the answers to life challenging questions!

Though freshers’ week is over we are not finished with the revival we want to bring on this campus and God is certainly not taking a break! We can’t wait to continue sharing the gospel with housemates, course mates and friends and to offer them the chance to know more about what we believe. If you want to know more then come along to our weekly meeting, Unite, in building 32 every Friday from 7.30pm-9pm or drop me an email at to find out more or to find out how you can get involved!