Beyond our weekly meetings and groups, we also put on several larger events throughout the year:

Carol Service

Christmas! Surely one of the best times of the year? Well, SUCU certainly thinks so! Rousing traditional carols, the amazing message of hope in Jesus’ birth, washing everything down with mulled wine and mince pies – what better way to celebrate?

Lunchtime Talks

There are so many objections and questions about the Christian faith, and SUCU certainly loves helping people think them through. Is the good news we have to share really so unreasonable? Free lunch + talk and Q&A from top speakers = lunchtime talk. What’s not to like?

Events Week

We provide a week of events to share to all on campus what we believe is the best news ever: that Jesus, the Son of God, came to earth and lived as a man, and died a horrible tortuous death so that we could have a relationship with God himself, the creator of the universe! He is the only reason we are here – but because we don’t want God to rule our lives, we take over and do things our way, which is why Jesus had to come in to bridge the rift between us and atone for our Sins. That is why the Christian Union exists: to tell everyone on campus our Good News of Luke 2:10; a great joy for all people!

Each year in early February we run this week of events where we can put maximum effort into giving all at Southampton University a chance to hear and respond to the good news and love of Jesus. With lunchtime and evening talks for 5 days looking at objections to faith, delving deeper into who Jesus really is, and the outrageous claims the Bible makes, it’s an ideal time to investigate Christianity, or to invite friends to do the same.

Why don’t you take a look at what happened at Events Week 2017 and 2016? Rummage through our Youtube channel, and you’re sure to go back a lot further. Be sure to check out the Media page for recordings from previous events weeks too.

SUCU Weekend Away

This is a great time for us to bond as SUCU at the beginning of a new academic year. A great time for teaching, worship and great fun with students old and new. It’ll be really great to see you there!