Purpose; 14 to 18 Feb

Unfortunately, most of the events have now happened, but keep an eye on our social media for details about Purpose Explored!

You can find recordings of the talks on our YouTube channel (though please note these may take a couple of weeks to be uploaded).

What is your purpose? Where could it lead you?

A series of events thinking about ‘what is my purpose?’

For each of the events, you can find us in Garden Court (see the bottom of the page for directions).

What's on this week?

Lunch-Time (12-12:45pm and 1-1:45pm):
What are the Big Questions in life at the moment? Come along as we try to tackle some of the big issues that are so relevant to us. Short talks with lunch provided, followed by a Q&A session, so bring all your hardest questions...

Evening (7-8:30pm):
What is my purpose in life? Come along to think about what difference Christianity could make to your life. Promises to be a relaxing and friendly evening sat round tables with dinner provided and a chance to chat to others as much or as little as you want.

To find Garden Court, head into B40 (the old SUSU building), turn immediately right, and then Garden Court can be found at the end of the corridor on the left.

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