The Big Conversation, 1-5 Feb 2021

Join us for an exciting week, discussing our purpose!

Purpose is a week of events organised by the Southampton Uni Christian Union, speaking into a number of issues from a Christian perspective.

What's on this week?

BPM (8-9am):
Our Big Prayer Meeting (BPM) will kick off the day at 8am to ask for the Lord's blessing over the events to happen later in the day.

Lunch-Time (12-1pm):
What are the Big Questions in life at the moment? And what questions do you need answers to? As we emerge from two years where our lives have been turned around, the world looks like a totally different place now. Come along as we try to tackle some of the big issues that are so relevant to us, from climate change to mental health to AI. Short talks with lunch provided, followed by a Q&A session, so get your thinking hats on and don't miss the chance to grill a Christian...
You can find us in Garden Court (head right as you enter B40).

Evening (7:30-9pm):
What is my purpose in life? Or do I even have a purpose?
Continuing on from the Carol Services, speaker Pete Dray is back so come along to think about what difference Christianity could make to your life.
Promises to be a relaxing and friendly evening sat round tables with dinner provided and background music playing. There will also be the chance to chat to others as much or as little as you want and to just hang out with friends! We want this evening to be accessible to every single person on campus so please come along - the more the merrier!
Like the lunchtime talks, this will be hosted in Garden Court.

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