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Hello everybody, hope you are all having good weeks so far! We have so many events to get excited about over the next few weeks, here are all the details…

WSA - “An Evening With…”

Tomorrow evening we are heading up to Winchester School of Art for ‘An Evening with Matt Lawrence’. Matt is a professional artist, and this will be a great opportunity to hear about his life and how Christianity has shaped his experiences. Michael Ots will be hosting the evening, and giving a short talk on Christianity. We would love loads of CU people to be there and help out, you can catch a free shuttle bus from the interchange and 6:00 – all you need is your student card. Please speak to Chris Walker if you have any questions.

Where: Winchester Baptist Church

When: 15/11/18 at 19:00


LTT – “Isn’t Christianity Intolerant?”

Our final Lunch Time Talk of 2018 is on this Friday! Come along and bring your friends to hear Dave McNee ask the question “Isn’t Christianity Intolerant? How can Christians claim there is only one way to God?”

If you have some spare time over the next few days then we would love you to flyer! Flyering is the best way for our whole campus to find out about our events, but we need lots of people to help. Please fill out the google form to help out:

Where: Bar 2

When: 16/11/18 at 12:00 and 13:00


Giving Auction

Can you believe our weekend away was 5 weeks ago? No I can’t either! If you haven’t yet paid for your item from the giving auction, then please see the spreadsheet and pay as soon as you’re able. 

Account number: 02493362

Sort code: 30-97-80


Carol Service sign up

We still need lots of help for our Carol Service which is less then 3 weeks away! If you want to get involved then please sign up here: (we especially need string players if you are gifted there/ want to give it a go!) Keep your eyes peeled for more information about mince pies soon…

Where: Highfield Church

When: Sunday 2nd December at 15:45, 17:30, 19:15, 21:00



A reminder to keep praying and thinking about who to nominate for Committee 2019/20. Head to to nominate, or read Pete’s Facebook post for more details.


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 You’ve made it to the end, well done! Thank you for reading, I will see you all at Unite on Friday! (19:30, 32/1015, looking at Mark 6:30-44)


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