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Unite is back at EEE this week, I hope you all enjoyed the venue last week! Simon Orton will be joining us as he opens up Mark 5:1-20, the story of Jairus’ daughter. Unite is a great time each week to take time out and refocus ourselves on the Creator and Lord of all, so please do join us if you are able.

Where: Building 32/ 1015

When: 19:30

Pre-Unite Prayer is also on this week, join us to reflect on the week and pray for our friends as we prepare to spend time with God.

Where: Building 32/ Foyer outside 1015

When: 19:00


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We have another lunch time talk coming up next week! Dave McNee will be joining us and asking the question “Isn’t Christianity Intolerant? How can Christians claim there is only one way to God?” There will be the chance to sign up with flyering and hosting next week, but please be praying about people you can be inviting.

Where: Bar 2

When: 16/11/18 at 12:00 and 13:00


WSA - “An Evening With…”

So much is happening at WSA and we are very excited! On Thursday 15th November we will be hosting ‘An Evening with Matt Lawrence’. Matt is a professional artist, and this will be a great opportunity to hear about his life and how Christianity has shaped his experiences. The evening will be hosted by Michael Ots who will give a short talk on Christianity. We will need help with flyering and hosting, so please speak to Chris Walker to get involved!

Where: Winchester Baptist Church

When: 15/11/18  at 19:00


Journey – the follow up course

The final Journey is happening tonight! (Maybe after this reaches you, sorry!) The past few weeks have been incredible, so many people have been intrigued to find out about God, and he has been working in their hearts which has been a privilege to see. Please keep praying for those who attended, particularly now the course is ending. Pray that their interest would continue, and they would seek out churches where they can grow more.

Where: 54/7033

When: 8/11/18 at 19:30


Carol Service sign up

November is here which means Christmas is coming! We are hosting our annual Carol Service on Sunday 2nd December and it promises to be a great event. We will need lots of help, as there are so many things that need to be done. We need: choir, orchestra, decorators and flash mobers. Please speak to Johana if you have any questions and sign up here:


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