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Unite is in a different venue this week! Come along to 67/ 1037 (Nightingale Building, opposite EEE) for our weekly dive into Mark’s gospel. Andrew Page will be speaking to us on Mark 5:1-20, The Man with Many Demons. Join us for a great evening together praising God and listening to him.

Where: Building 67/ 1037

When: 19:30

Before Unite each week we have a time of prayer and reflection, which everybody is welcome to. This is a valuable time to come together and prepare our hearts for an evening of hearing from God.

Where: Building 32/ Foyer outside 1015

When: 19:00


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Journey – the follow up course

There are only 2 weeks left of Journey! God has been working through our friends, and there have been so many great questions and conversations. Please keep praying for them, and it is not too late for you to come along and bring your friends.

Where: Bar 2

When: 1/11/18 at 19:30


Christians in Science – Does God play dice?

Tomorrow evening there will be a lecture given by Professor Russell Cowburn about Nanotechnology and asking the question “Does God play dice?”. Come along to hear more about this topic, and be inviting your friends as well.

Where: Building 46, Lecture Theatre A

When: 1/11/18 at 19:30


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