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Lunch Time Talk

Tomorrow is our second Lunch Time Talk of the year! This is another great way for our friends to be engaging with Christianity, and think about the question “Is it wrong to live for pleasure?”. Please be inviting your friends and coming along with them.

If you are not bringing a friend then we still need your help! Please see my post below about signing up to help with welcoming and flyering. Whether you have 15 minutes or 3 hours to spare, then please collect some flyers and let campus know about the amazing news we have to share!

Where: Bar 2

When: 12:00 and 13:00



Tomorrow evening is time for Unite, our weekly meeting. Rosie Woodbridge will be opening Mark 4:35-41 “The Storm” and there will be time for prayer and sung worship together.

Where: Building 32/ 1015

When: 19:30

Before Unite each week we have a time of prayer and reflection, which everybody is welcome to. This is a valuable time to come together and prepare our hearts for an evening of hearing from God.

Where: Building 32/ Foyer outside 1015

When: 19:00


Weekly Events

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Journey – the follow up course

Journey is heading into its 4th week today. There have been many people with great questions over the past few weeks, and we are so encouraged by all that God is doing! Please be praying for those who attend, and bringing along your friends who have questions.

Where: Building 54/7033

When: 18/10/18 at 19:30



UCCF hold an annual weekend of teaching, worship and fun for all of the universities in the South East called “South East Big Weekend Away” which is happening this weekend! Due to our weekend away being a few weeks ago we are not going for the whole weekend, but there is the opportunity to head up to Winchester for the Saturday events. It’s a great time to come together with many students from around the region and hear about the incredible work that God is doing in our universities. Speak to Nathan Vogt or myself if you have any questions or want to come along!


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