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First things first, Lunch time talks

Our first lunch time talk is happening this Friday at Avenue 65 room 1201.

Please find the google document link below where you can be signing up for welcoming and flyering. This will hopefully be a great evangelistic opportunity so please come along, get involved and invite your friends.…/1AZYwH5jNhyh_C2O6qML9H1nGhS…/edit

Our second lunch time talk the following Friday 25th will be happening in Bar two in the SUSU building, again we really need as many welcomers and flyerers (is this a word how is it even spelt) as possible.

Please also consider some virtual publicity for example changing your cover photo to a picture of the lunch time talks flier or by inviting your friends to the event, we really want to fill these two venues! Ps you can also be doing this with the carol service.

Next “Invite to Unite”

On Friday 25th of November we are organising an evangelistic “Invite to Unite” event. The idea is that you invite your non-Christian friends along to our Friday meeting where the talk and other things will be deliberately geared towards evangelism. So start to think about who you can be inviting to this event also.

Giving auction reminder, if you haven’t paid your pledge money please could you. Message Bex Harley mason with any problems/questions


This Friday Nominations for the 2017/2018 CU Committee will open, there will be more information given at Unite about the contact email but until then here are a few guidelines for you to be thinking and praying about the next few days.

• All members of the society shall have the opportunity to submit nominations for any full member of the society to be a member of the committee.

• To be a candidate for election, a person must receive three unique nominations.

• All nominations must be position specific, and nominations must include a statement in support of their nomination for their suitability.

• No member of the society may stand for election for more than one position on the committee.

• No member of the society may be elected for more than two consecutive terms of office.

If you have further questions about the process, please message me. More will be said at Unite

Running as normal

We have a lot happening at Unite this Friday (18th). It will be running as normal from building 32, starting at 7.30.

• Firstly, Ali Martin from Soul Survivor Watford will be joining us to speak. 

• Secondly will also be joined by OSCAR ( a organisation involved with Christian world mission. 

• Thirdly you will be given the opportunity to pose for a framed Christmas carol service publicity photo, more will be revealed on the day. 

• Fourthly there will be a choir rehearsal after the main meeting in the main lecture theatre so please come and sing if you want to. 

Inside out will be running as normal from Portswood church starting at 11.30pm after Unite.

BPM will be happening on the 21st Monday morning 8.00am in the activities room.

I-café will be running from the SUSU café on Monday 21st

Finally, TAT will be running from the chaplaincy next Wednesday the 23rd as normal starting at 8.30pm.