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We are still at Avenue 65/ 1133 for Unite tonight, where Niv will be speaking to us from James 5:13-20. This is Niv’s final talk at Unite, so it would be wonderful if you could come and join us. Pre-Unite Prayer is also happening at 19:00, which is a great time for us to prepare ourselves for spending time in fellowship with God.

There aren’t many more Unites left this term, so it would be great to see as many of you there as possible.


Our Other Weekly Events

ICafe | Hall Groups | Text a Toastie | Inside Out | Big Prayer Meeting

Our weekly events are still happening, even though exams are on. It would be great if you could take some time out to serve our God and campus.


SUCU Goes Home

SUCU Goes Home is meeting on Tuesday 5th at 10am at Latté Café on Highfield Campus (near building 4). It is for all students from difficult family situations, non-Christian families or for anyone who is going back home to a Church that doesn't offer much for students or have an active student Christian community. Everyone is welcome to come along, chat, pray and encourage each other before we go home for Summer. Speak to Sophie Kirk or Lucy Taylor for more details.


Forum National

I’m sure you will have heard us talk about Forum National by now, but if not, then here you go! Forum National is a time for us to come together as a CU for teaching, equipping, praying, learning, and planning in how we can evangelise to our campus. It is for anyone in CU, so please be signing up!

Book through UCCF here.

If you have signed up, then please join our Facebook group so we have an idea of numbers.


Navigator’s Summer Bible Studies

The Navigator’s are running some Bible Studies for students staying in Southampton over the summer break. They are open to both Christians and those seeking, and will run on Thursday evenings from 19:30. Please contact 07505 457827 for more details.



Freshers’ can be a very daunting time for students. To help support the Freshers as they come to Southampton and settle in here we need people to be buddies with them. Each buddy will meet regularly with a fresher to help them feel more welcome here. We need as many people as possible for this so please sign up with the link and click ‘I want to be a Buddy’.


Freshers’ Week

Freshers’ Week is fast approaching! We will have loads of fantastic events on which will help welcome the new students to campus and spread the amazing news of the gospel to our campus. We need lots and lots of people to help put on these events, so please sign up to help out here.


Coffee and a Chat

There are so many people on our campus who are searching for Jesus, and we have the fantastic opportunity to share that good news with them. This is not only done through large events such as Freshers’ and Events Week, but it needs personal conversation and commitment. Coffee and a Chat helps us link up those who are seeking with members of CU who can support them and answer their questions. There will be training provided to help us all do this effectively. Please sign up here to be involved.


Weekend Away

From 12th – 14th October 2018 the CU will be heading to Westbrook House on the Isle of Wight for our very own Weekend Away. This will be a great time for teaching, worship and great fun with students old and new. Please be signing up for what will be a fantastic weekend!

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