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Welcome back, hope everybody is enjoying the sunshine! Read on to find out about the many wonderful things in the world of SUCU.


Unite is back on as usual in Building 32, Room 1015, at 19:30, with pre-Unite prayer happening at 19:00. We are looking at James this term, a book which challenges us to act out our faith as a response to the glorious salvation we have received from Jesus. Come and join us for an evening of prayer, sung worship and fellowship, and to hear Dave McNee speak on how to respond when our faith is tested.

Our Other Weekly Events

ICafe | Hall Groups | Text a Toastie | Inside Out | Big Prayer Meeting

Whether you are a weekly regular or have never been before, we would love for you to come along and get involved!

Fresher's Launch

Summer is coming, which means IWelcome and Fresher’s Week are not far away! These weeks will be a fantastic time welcoming Freshers to university, while also having an opportunity to spread the amazing good news of Jesus! Come and join us at our Fresher’s Launch to hear all about what will be happening, and how you can be getting involved. Whether you are going to be with us next year or not, we would love for you to be there.

Wednesday 2nd May at 14:30 in Building 45/ 2040 

Christians In Science Talk

Science and Christianity are often referred to as polar opposites, but that could not be further from the truth! Professor Tom McLeish, a Professor of Natural Philosophy and Physics, will be giving a lecture on “Why Science needs God” next Thursday, addressing many of the common questions we may be asked. If you are a scientist, or just interested in how science and Christianity work together, then come along. Talk to Sarah Williams if you have any questions.

Thursday 26th April at 19:30 in Building 46/ Lecture Theatre

South East Forum

Saturday 28th April is South East Forum! We have such an amazing message to share with our campus, and South East Forum gives us the opportunity to receive training and support for this. It will be a brilliant day, and at £10 is not an opportunity to miss! Please let Pete, Nicola or myself know if you have signed up, and then we can send you travel arrangements. Here is the link to book.

National Forum

If one day of training is just not enough, then come along to National Forum! From 28th August – 1st September 2018, CU’s from all across the country will be gathering in Wales for teaching from the Bible, training for our new CU roles, and loads of fun. Again, contact Pete, Nicola or myself if you have signed up, and we can pass on more details. Here is the link to book.

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