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Lunch Time Talk

Another day, another opportunity to spread God’s word on campus! We are having a lunch time talk tomorrow in Bar 2 at 12 and repeated at 1. Dick Dowsett will be exploring the question “Do all paths lead to God?” and it will be a fantastic opportunity to ask any questions you have and invite your friends to hear the Good News about Jesus!

Fancy helping out tomorrow? 

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We need to stay rooted in God through all that we do, so in preparation for tomorrow lunchtime we are having an extra BPM tomorrow morning! Join us in the Activities Room in SUSU at 8:00 for an hour of prayer and sung worship.


Unite is back on as usual in Building 32, Room 1015 from 19:30. We will be joined by Dick Dowsett who will be talking to us about prayer. Join us for sung worship, prayer, and an evening of hearing from God’s word. Pre-Unite Prayer will be outside the lecture theatre at 19:00. 

Our Other Weekly Events

ICafe | Hall Groups | Text a Toastie | Inside Out | Big Prayer Meeting

Whether you are a weekly regular or have never been before, we would love for you to come along! 

Supporting Chichester Christian Union

We were so blessed to have students from Chichester join us for our Events Week. They have a similar week running from Monday 12th March, and it would be fantastic if we could support them. If you are interested, speak to Emily Dee or sign up here.

South East Forum

We may have been snowed in last weekend, but South East Forum continues! UCCF are having a one-day conference in Basingstoke on 28th April. It will be a fantastic day equipping us for God’s mission on campus, and to grow in fellowship as a group! Watch this space for more details.

Science Network

Are you a science student? Do you want to hear more about how your faith influences your studies? Then get involved with the Science Network! There is an information meeting on Thursday 19th April on campus, or message Sarah Williams for more details.


Any questions about this week? Check out our website or email me at

That's all from me! Hope you are all having fab weeks, and we will see you tomorrow!

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