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Our series on Leviticus continues tomorrow night at 7.30pm in Room 1015 of EEE (Building 32). Tom Wederell will be speaking to us about purity as part of our wider exploration of how we might be free to be holy. Links to the previous weeks' talks can be found below.

Mark Drama Information Meeting

 After Unite is an information evening about the Mark Drama happening in October. This will be in Building 32 Room 3077 and Andrew Page is coming in to tell us more. Don't worry, going to this meeting isn't confirming you'll do it but a chance to discover what it's about. You don't need any acting experience to get involved, I would recommend this to all!

Get Fresh

Get Fresh is our iWelcome and Freshers' Week launch, where we'll be getting excited to welcome new students to our campus in September. We're meeting in Portswood Church at 2pm on the 17th May. Everyone is welcome. Make sure to click attending on the Facebook Event!

TAT // PUP // Inside Out // BPM // iCafé // Hall Groups

Don't forget all our weekly events. For  more details on all of these, check out our calendar. It's a really busy season so all the teams would be extremely grateful of any help

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Last week John Lennox spoke at the Christians in Science event about design and faith, responding to Stephen Hawking. That's available to listen here

Niv spoke to our campus yesterday about Jesus and politics. If you missed it, or had friends who did, that's available to listen to here. As a special bonus, both talks were livestreamed on Facebook. They're available here and here ('s the same talk but I like completeness)

As we continue our journey through Leviticus in Unite, you might want to catch up on the past two weeks. Tony Watkins's introduction is here and Jonny Clifton's talk from last week is here

Finally, don't forget the SUCU Library. It's available here and includes a huge range of texts. For more details the Facebook group is here or you can get in contact at

Some Reminders

TAT are looking for a phone with Android 2.3 or later to use. Let us know if you have one spare

Don't forget to let Joe ( know if you're going on a Summer Mission this year. We'd love to spend some time praying for you at Unite on the (revised date of the) 19th May

Dates for the Diary

SUCU Ball: 11th May (today!) at 9pm (FB Event)

Forum: 29th August-2nd September (Website // FB Event)

We'd like to end with a big thank you to all those who helped serve on Tuesday for our Lunch Time Talk. Whether it was flyering, promoting on social media, setting up, welcoming, singing, doing the sound, running visuals, packing down, being involved with follow up or chatting with people who had come: thank you. All these different roles are so important. Though we are many parts, we are one body. As we go out this week, let us be celebrating how our Father has blessed us with such a range of gifts and continue to offer them back up to Him.


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