SUCU Newsletter V

It's a busy week on campus with lots to be involved in. Keep up to date here...

Christians In Science - 'Whose design is it anyway?'

Tonight's the night! If you hadn't heard already, John Lennox is speaking this evening in Building 46, Lecture Theatre A at 7.30pm. He'll be responding to Stephen Hawking's claim, in his book The Grand Design, that God is no longer necessary to explain the existence of the universe. 


We'll be continuing our series on Leviticus tomorrow night at 7.30pm in Room 1015 of EEE (Building 32), exploring how we might be free to be holy. Jonny Clifton will be speaking to us, exploring what Leviticus has to say about sacrifice.

You can listen to Tony Watkins introduce this series at last week's Unite here

Kingdom Movement Christian Fellowship - Invitation to Worship

We're blessed at Southampton to have a number of flourishing Christian societies on campus. This Saturday (6th May), our brothers and sisters from KMCF are hosting their annual Invitation to Worship event. It begins at 6pm (note the revised time) in Garden Court.

Christians In Sport - Dodgeball Tournament

I was wondering why I would go to this. But then it hit me...

Don't miss CiS's Dodgeball Tournament at 4pm on Monday 8th May at Highfield Church Centre. There'll also be a short talk so I'm sure you'll have a ball of a time. Check out the FB Event here

Politics Lunchbar

Trump. Brexit. The Snap Election. What would Jesus say?

This Tuesday, the wonderful Niv Lobo will be talking to us about the world of politics and what Jesus has to say about it all. We'll be in Bar 2 (weather permitting, in the outside bit) and they'll be free lunch. This is such a hot topic so should be ideal to invite your friends to!

The talk will be held once at 12pm and repeated at 1pm.

TAT // PUP // Inside Out // BPM // iCafé // Hall Groups

Don't forget all our other wonderful weekly events. There's not space to cover them all in detail here but you can check out our calendar for more info

(IO FB Event

Donate A Phone

Do you have a spare phone with Android 2.3 or later? If you do, please consider donating it to Text a Toastie as they're in need of a new one. If that's something you can help with, we would be really grateful. Please either get in contact with myself or one of the TAT leaders.

Going on a Summer Mission?

Are you going on a Mission this Summer? We would love to hear from you. Please contact Joe Easley ( and let him know what you're doing. We'd love to spend some time at Unite on the 12th May to pray for you.

Dates for the Diary

SUCU Ball: 11th May at 9pm (FB Event) - Bring £10 to Unite to buy a ticket!

Get Fresh - iWelcome and Freshers' Week Launch: 17th May at 2pm (Portswood Church)

Forum: 29th August-2nd September (Website // FB Event)


Have a wonderful week!

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