SUCU Newsletter the Third

It's the last few days before the end of term. But it's not too late to get involved...

SUCU Goes Home

If heading home is something that concerns you or you won't be going back to a Christian environment, SUCU Goes Home could be for you. This is a time to pray and support each other

If you're interested, meet Sarah Ebenezar and Rachel Denno outside the Faith & Reflection Centre (aka the Chaplaincy) today at 1pm

Text A Toastie

Are you pine(apple)-ing for some cheesy puns? No? Then from my head tomatoes, I ham sorry. Tonight is the last Text A Toastie of term and Connaught Hall Group will be there so don't miss  out! Check out their Facebook Page for some encouraging testimonies from previous weeks (TAT FB Event)

Discover More

Discover More will be asking in its final week, "What about the rest of my life?" It's not too late to be inviting friends and coming along to Building 34, Room 4005 on Thursday at 7.30pm


Don't miss Unite in Room 1015 of EEE (Building 32) for an evening of prayer and praise in our final meeting before the break. We'll be looking back at God's faithfulness this term and getting excited for what He has in store for us over and after Easter

Pre-Unite Prayer // Inside Out

Also on Friday are these two events. Shout out to Chamberlin Hall Group who will be at Inside Out. Come along too, you won't be the only new face! Full details are available on the  calendar here. Our other weekly events (BPM, iCafé, Hall Groups) will be restarting after Easter (IO Facebook Event)

iCafé Goes to the New Forest

 Soon, many of us will be going home. But before you go, how about a day out to the New Forest? Be joining iCafé's trip and getting to know our international friends this Saturday (meeting   at the Interchange at 11am). And if you can't make it, be praying for some lovely weather!  (iCafé Trip FB Event)

Some Handy Resources

Weren't at Unite last week? Missed the Apologetics evening? Or want to hear the talks again? You can listen to Niv talk about 2 Corinthians 12:1-10 here. And Meric Srokosz's discussion about the problem of free will is available here

And that's before we even get onto the SUCU Library. Fancy a good read over Easter? This amazing resource has you covered. Check out the list of books available here. You can contact                the owner directly or drop an email to find out more.               (SUCU Library FB Page)

SUCU Parkrun

 John Murray has set up a new group for taking part in the weekly Southampton Parkrun. If you love running and want to be doing that with some fellow SUCU folk, what better way to do so? For more details join the Facebook Group or email John at


Forum's back! Between the 29th August and the 2nd September we'll be going to s̶u̶n̶n̶y Shropshire for an amazing five days of training and equipping before the new academic year. You don't have to have a named role to come, we'd love to see you all there. If you book before 31st March it'll cost you £119, and you'll save yourself £15!

If you're daunted by that sum, don't worry. You can place down a £20 deposit before 31st May. Unsure about catering? We'll be cooking (and camping) together so you won't be going hungry!

If you have any questions, do ask!

(Forum Promo Video) (Forum Website & Booking) (SUCU Goes to Forum FB Event)


Have a wonderful Easter. Whether it be a time free from work or full of busyness, be remembering the amazing grace of our Heavenly Father and the perfect sacrifice of His Son. We have such wonderful news. Let us be delighting in that this Easter.


God Bless,


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