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Today from 6-7pm in Building 58 Room 1023, Professor Meric Srokosz will be tackling the important question "Do we have Free Will?" Come along to be equipped in answering this question and be bringing your friends. This is a great opportunity to be talking about God with our academically minded peers (Apologetics FB Event)

Discover More

Discover More asks "What about me?" in its fourth week of discussions. Meeting in Building 34, Room 4005 today at 7.30pm, the team would love to see you. Be praying and encouraging your friends to be going with you

Pre-Unite Prayer

Or PUP as it's affectionately known. If you've had a ruff week don't terrier self up about it. Come along and pray with us before our main meeting at 7pm in the EEE (Building 32) foyer. This is open to everyone, we'd love to see you as we pursue being a prayer centred society


Post-'Pre-Unite Prayer' is, unsurprisingly, Unite! We gather at 7.30pm in Room 1015 of EEE to pray and worship together, to encourage one another and to explore God's word to us. This week our very own Niv Lobo shall be talking to us as we delve into 2 Corinthians 12:1-10

Missed last week? You can listen to Sanjay Rajo take us through 2 Corinthians 8:1-9:5 here  Want to find out more about giving? Contact Sarah at


We're not a Church. But being grounded in one is of huge importance. If you're settled at a Church, continue to make time for it. If you're not, let us challenge you to find one. If you want help exploring all your different options get in contact with Esther at

SUCU Goes Home

 Nervous about heading home? Perhaps you're not going back to a Christian environment or you're worried about situations that you'll encounter there. Well SUCU Goes Home is a group who seek to support and encourage each other in their faith whilst at home. They're meeting at 1pm (hopefully) in the Faith & Reflection Centre (née Chaplaincy) on Wednesday

(We're still awaiting confirmation of location. We'll let you know if there's any change!)

Inside Out // Big Prayer Meeting // iCafé // Hall Groups // Text A Toastie

Not to mention all these amazing weekly opportunities to be reaching and praying for our University. Not sure of their details and were hoping to find them in this newsletter? Don't worry. You can check out our brand spanking new calendar available here

      (IO FB Event)   (iCafé FB Event)


   Finally, fancy going to Word Alive from the 8th-13th April? Do you happen to be a woman?   Well Jared Blackford is looking for one more lady to fill the final space. Find him on Facebook or drop him an email at for more details

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