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What an exciting week we have had! Today we had our AGM where we celebrated the year that has gone before and voted in our new committee. They are as follows:


President – Fife Mustafa

Vice President – Maria Reaney

Secretary – Hannah Tilford

Treasurer – Rhys Bartlett

Hall Group Coordinator – Owen Griffiths

Freshers’ Week Coordinator – Olivia Podd

Events Week Coordinator – Johana Felicia

International Coordinator – Simon Walton

Follow-up Coordinator – Daisy Christian-Edwards

Prayer and Praise Coordinator – Esther Zekeri


Please keep the new committee in your prayers, the handover process can be very weird and it will take them some time to adjust to their roles, so please support them and encourage them.



We are in Nightingale again this week where there will be two seminar options for you to go to: How do we use our friendships to honour God? and How do I use my money (or lack of it) wisely? There will be the chance to really engage with these topics, so please do come along and join us.

Pre-Unite Prayer will also be happening at 19:00 in the lobby.

Where: 67/ 1037

When: 8/3/19 at 19:30


Being Human

Our follow up course has reached its third week, join us as we look at the hope we can have when we are hurting. It is a great event to invite your friends along to and give them the chance to her answers to all their questions. It is not too late to join us!

Check out the facebook event for more details:

Where: 34/ 5007

When: Thursday evenings at 19:30


South East Forum

Forum South East is this weekend! If you have signed up then get excited, if not then it’s not too late! If you want to head along then message Chris Collinson and he can help you out. If you are also only able to attend on the Saturday then that is also an option, also message Chris Collinson.


Weekly Events

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Check out our website for more information


And that is it from me! It has been such a joy to serve alongside you all this year, and on behalf of all of the old committee I want to say a huge thank you for all that you have done. God is continuing to do incredible things on this campus – let us keep going for His glory!


Any questions about this week? Check out our website (, or email


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