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We have a great few weeks ahead, full of so many exciting events. Read on to find out more…



We are back in Nightingale for Unite this Friday, come and join us as we think about perseverance through hard times. If you left any Tupperware at Events Week then that will also be available on Friday.

Pre-Unite Prayer will also be happening at 19:00 in the lobby.

Where: 67/ 1037

When: 1/3/19 at 19:30


Being Human

Our second week of Being Human is on tomorrow evening! There will be a short talk and opportunity for discussion, so please be inviting your friends along to engage with the question “Am I Happy?” Even if you didn’t attend last week you are more than welcome to join us.

Check out the facebook event for more details:

Where: 34/ 5007

When: Thursday evenings at 19:30



Our Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 6th March, were we will elect next years committee as well as hear from several members of the committee about all that has happened this year. The candidates for election have been announced in last weeks newsletter so check there for the names. In order to vote in the election you must be an official member of SUCU, please make sure you sign up beforehand.

Where: Highfield Church

When: 6/3/19 at 14:30 – 16:00


South East Forum

There is not long left to sign up for South East Forum! It’s a great opportunity to be equipped for our mission on campus, no matter how you are involved in CU. Book now on the UCCF website: and let us know that you are going by joining the event:


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