SUCU Newsletter - HUMAN edition

Events Week is next week! It gives us such a wonderful opportunity to share the good news of Jesus with our campus. Hopefully our launch last Friday inspired and excited you for this fantastic mission, but also made you aware of how much we need your help! Read on to see how you can get involved…


24-hour prayer

It is so important as we head into Events Week that we are praying and surrendering the week to God. He is the one who is able to change hearts, and He has His hand in all that we will be doing next week. Please join us as we unite together for some time of prayer and worship this weekend. Whether you find a friend and come and pray during the night, or take a break from the library, it is so important that we are surrendering the week to God. It would be helpful if you could sign up, so we know who is around, but if you find yourself free then please turn up!

Sign up:

Where: Faith and Reflection Centre (top room)

When: 21:00 on 8/2/19 to 21:00 on 9/2/19


HUMAN Practicalities

With any event on the scale of HUMAN, there are lots of practicalities that need to be sorted, and lots of opportunities for you to help out!

Sign up

We are running so many events during the week, and each one needs CU members armed and ready to help welcome, run stalls, and give out food. In whatever way you feel able, please sign up to serve here:


We want every single person on campus to have the opportunity to respond to the gospel, and to do that they need to know about the events that are going on! Flyering is a great opportunity to do this, as it is an easy way to reach lots of people. There is no specific sign up for flyering, please just head out when you are free! Prioritise the 15 minutes as lectures change over, but anytime you are able would be wonderful.

Lecture shout outs are also a great way to let hundreds of students know about the events that are going on, so please consider doing one as well.

Personal invites are also a really powerful way to get people along to the talks. Be thinking and praying about who you can invite to the week.

Flyers are in the under-stairs cupboard of the faith and reflection centre and in the cage, please let me know if you have difficulty finding them.

Humans of HUMAN

If you want to be kept up to date with all that is going on next week, then please join the Humans of HUMAN group:

Also please keep sharing, liking, commenting, and interacting with all of our social media – it is a really powerful way to reach people!

Photography competition

On Wednesday evening of Events Week we are hosting a creative evening, giving people the opportunity to explore Christianity and humanity in a different way. As part of this we are hosting a photography competition! Please submit your own photos and be sharing with your friends who are interested in photography. Check out the Humans of HUMAN page for the details.


Please keep praying about all that is going on next week. We are so excited to see how God will work on campus, and hope you are too!


A few more notices for you…


On Friday Chris Kilby will be joining us, and inspiring us to really go for the gospel! Please come and join us as we prepare ourselves for Events Week, and unite together in worship.

Where: 67/ 1037

When: 8/2/19 at 19:30


South East Forum

South East Forum is a weekend of teaching and training for CU leaders of any capacity. Whether you are leading a hall group, part of a team or wanting to know more about effective student mission, this weekend is for you. It is a great time to be equipped and also get to know your other CU leaders better. Book now on the UCCF website: and let us know that you are going by joining the event:


Weekly Events

BPM is on every day during Events Week, and some of our other events may be slightly different. Chat to the event leaders if you’re not sure what is happening.

BPM | ICafe | Hall Groups | Conversation Café | TAT | Journey | PUP | Unite | Inside Out

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