Last Night we had Ben Jackson with us at Unite, he began our series looking at 2 Corinthians. I’ve included a short introduction to the series written by our own Prezza Jezza, get excited.

“I’ve chosen to go through 2 Corinthians. Although not apostles as Paul was, in the defence of his character, conduct and calling to share the message of Jesus, we see wonderful reminders of what God has done for us, promised us, and equipped us to be. We see in Paul an example worth following as we spread the news of Christ, and we see God setting for us realistic expectations of people’s responses. My prayer is that every member of the CU will have a greater faith in God to work in the hearts and lives of their fellow students and an assurance that God delights to use them for His gospel."

I-café and TAT and inside out will be running as normal the week following.

If you are interested in Word Alive but still haven’t signed up please do, or if you want to know more about this great trip away please message either myself or Jared Blackford.

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Finally, we are getting closer to events week. So please start thinking and praying about who you could be inviting. End: For more information about any of our regular activities please see our website or message me on facebook.