Reopening Committee Nominations 


If you were at Unite on Friday then you will have heard that we have decided to reopen nominations for Freshers’ Week Coordinator. This is because we have not received enough nominations for this role, and therefore cannot pick a candidate to stand in election. In order for someone to be considered by committee for a position they must have three or more separate nominations – so we need as many people as possible to nominate someone. All you need to give is the name of the person you want to nominate, as well as a short sentence as to why you think they would be good for the role. It takes very little time, but is very important.

We are only reopening nominations for Freshers’ Week Coordinator. These nominations will be considered separately to those made previously, so even if you have nominated someone before you can nominate them again this time round.

Please be praying and considering who you can nominate for these positions. You can nominate by filling out this Google Form:

Please make sure you are a member of SUCU before you nominate, and have read the role descriptions here:

Nominations will be open until 12:00 on Monday 4th February, so please make sure you have filled everything out by then.

If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to contact me or another member of committee.

Jenny    |    07799793481              

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