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We are moving venues again this Friday – come along to the Nightingale building (67/1037) as we hear from Mike Archer about the Boy with the Evil Spirit (Mark 9: 14-29). Unite is a great time to come together at the end of a busy week, and spend time with God and one another – please join us if you can.

Pre Unite Prayer will also be in the foyer of building 67, join us there at 19:00.

Where: 67/1037

When: 7/12/18 at 19:30


Journey – Unwrapping Christmas

We had a wonderful time at the Carol Services on Sunday – what a joy to see so many people hear the good news of Christmas! There are many people with lots of questions, and one of the best ways to engage with them is through our follow up event. Join us this Thursday as we unwrap Christmas, and answer the questions that many of our friends will have. Please be inviting friends or coming along to help out.

Where: 34/1020

When: 6/12/18 at 19:30


ICafe Christmas Meal

Christmas is coming very soon! On Monday 10th ICafe are hosting their annual Christmas meal, it is their biggest event of the year and such a great opportunity. Many internationals do not know the true Christmas story, and this is a great time to share it with them. We will need lots of help, from people to set up and cook, to hosts on the evening. Please sign up here to get involved:

Where: City Life Church

When: 10/12/18 at 19:30


SUCU Goes Home

Going home for Christmas can be a difficult time for some of us, and we long to be able to support you all as much as possible in that time. That is why we run SUCU Goes Home – come along to have the opportunity to hear, discuss, and pray about difficulties you might be facing over the Christmas period.

Where: The Bridge in SUSU

When: 14/12/18 at 18:45


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See you all on Friday – remember the different venue!


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