We are a society of students who follow Jesus Christ and are:

united by Christ’s LOVE // grounded in the BIBLE // excited about sharing the GOSPEL

so that ALL may hear and respond to the Good News and Love of Jesus Christ.

Our purpose is to be a community who go out to share this good news with everyone on campus. We’re blessed to have such a diverse group to share in this mission, and we’re so excited about meeting anyone who wants to join us or see what we’re about, whether you’d say you’re a Christian or not.

What is this “good news” that we believe?

It’s all to do with Jesus: a real, historical human just like us. Except that he was perfect. In fact, he claimed to be God, predicting that he would die but come back to life. He came to this world as the only person who could put right the problem at the core of everyone since humanity’s beginning, and the root of all evil: our rejection of God, who created us and longs to be in relationship with us.

In our rebellion against God, by not having Him at the centre of our lives, we miss out on the full life we were made for, and on eternity spent with Him in a perfect, new creation after we die.

But, as Jesus died on the cross in an act of unparalleled love for us, he took the fair punishment that should be ours, and in exchange, gave us his perfect status before God.

Not only that, but after 3 days he came back from the dead to prove that he was God, that his sacrifice on the cross worked, and that his promises come true.

Because of the cross and resurrection, we can have forgiveness, restored relationship with God and eternal life!

It’s on the table for you, right now, and Jesus has paid for it all. Have you taken him up on the offer yet?

If this is news to you, we’d love to chat with you, open up the Bible (which is all about Jesus) and answer any questions you may have. The book of John (a close friend of Jesus who wrote an eyewitness account of his life) is a great place to start investigating this “good news”.

Drop us an email at or chat to a Christian friend if you want to know more, or to get a free copy of the book of John for yourself…

You can also find an outline of all we believe right here: Doctrinal Basis

Why are we so passionate about sharing this good news with everyone?

We’re convinced that we have a message worth sharing – the best news that you could ever hear!

We love our campus – if you’re a student, that’s you!

We’re followers of Jesus, and he has called us to share it

We believe it brings glory to God

What do we do throughout the year?

Loads! See What’s On for all the details.

We’re affiliated to UCCF (University and Colleges Christian Fellowship) – a fantastic organisation that supports christian unions throughout the UK, helping us to live and speak for Jesus.

Their website is absolutely packed with useful stuff:

UCCF is part of IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students) – who represent christian unions all over the world! Here in the Southeast, we’re particularly linked with CCX (the Ukrainian CU movement, and you say it “s-s-ha”!). God is doing amazing things in universities across Ukraine, where protestant Christianity is viewed with a lot of suspicion, and being a Christian comes at a higher personal cost than here. Throughout the year, there’ll be opportunities to partner with them in prayer, financial support, and going to Ukraine as part of a UCCF summer team to run an evangelistic English camp for uni students.